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We will contact you asap. Please, describe the bugs in the data. Missed rounds, incorrect statuses, unworkable links or any other bugs found. Cognida wants to deliver – Enterprise Data Integrity Powered by Blockchain. The Cognida Platform establishes blockchain-secure network service interfaces on public and private networks that connect to one or more digital assets. Cognida will try to leverage blockchain technology to establish a decentralized, immutable data store with the ability to enforce access permissions, ensure data integrity, and enforce security policies. Cognida will provide blockchain API libraries that map to enterprise services, authentication, authorization, encryption etc. Blockchain is used across all information subscriptions: to manage permissions, ensure data integrity, and track access in an immutable blockchain record. – In other words thanks to Cognida you could guarantee that no one tampered with the data and that only appropriate parties have access to said data. Basically there is only one milestone worth mentioning and that is July 20th when Network beta launch with enterprise customer application and crowd-sale will take place. During August and September clinical trial app beta launch is planned. When ICOs are asking for money – the very least they can do is to incorporate updated LinkedIn profiles on the website. I said this before and I will repeat myself every time this happens- it is unprofessional and shows lack of interest in investors. Cognida has 3 co-founder, All 3 are experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs but only one of them has Cognida mentioned on his Linked in profile. The team has 2 software architects, 2 software engineers, 2 full-stack developers and 1 enterprise architect Jon Saperia with vast technical expertise. Cognida has 3 advisors – one of which is president of Wanchain and the son of Cognida’s CEO.

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Then we have Oliver who is vice-president of Wanchain and finally CEO and founder of Rivertz.

According to whitepaper there are several partners – Wanchain, Rivertz, Factom and others. There is competition but those are centralized companies such as: Gresham, Information builders or Oracle cloud. There is no decentralized competition as far as we know, if you are aware of such project please let us know in the comments down below. ERC20 token will be used as the only cryptocurrency payment method for services that Cognida will provide. Total supply of issued tokens will be 550 million out of which 21% is dedicated for pre-sale and 33% will be dedicated or public sale. Presale starts June 15th and crowdsale starts on July 20th. No information about whitelist available at the time of making this review. Hype is very low since there is no official website for Cognida project, there is only webpage for Windmill Enterprises. Team is currently working on deployment of official Cognida website. The other problem with hype is that except form TLG Cognida has no other social media channel, but TLG admin confirmed they will be established very soon. TLG has around 6,5 K and Alexa rank for Windmill is 3,5 million. Do we plan to invest long term ? We have made this pie chart to answer that question. Will we invest short term? Cognida has a solid team ,  well known advisors and if the community continues to grow we will consider investing short term. Alibi, primo singolo degli Essentia.

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Dopo mesi di duro lavoro abbiamo completato il nostro progetto!

Lasciate un like e commentate, se vi va. Buon ascolto! Blockchain Agnostic Data Integrity and Management Platform. Global energy demand is at an all-time high, and aging power systems are constantly struggling to keep up with demand. Blackouts and power shortages have been a reoccurring in problem in many places in the world, and the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. Luckily, blockchain can help. There are a number of different blockchain projects looking to combat the world’s energy problems. In this article, we take a closer look at 3 of them which show great promise. Grid+ plans to turn the world of energy on its head with its artificial intelligence powered “smart energy agent”. Your “smart energy agent” will have access to multiple energy markets and will make real-time purchasing decisions for you as often as every fifteen minutes. This all happens automatically in the background so you don’t even have to think about it! If you have solar panels, Grid+ will also automatically sell excess energy which you generate. You can also store the energy which you harvest in your home battery and then sell it once the market price goes up, making you more money. All transactions will be completed using BOLT, the native token for Grid+. Energy which is bought by your energy agent will be paid for with BOLT tokens. Any energy which you sell will also be paid to you in BOLT tokens. For more information on Grid+, see their website and whitepaper.

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Power Ledger is the world’s first commercially-available, blockchain-based, decentralized energy trading platform.

They operate a distributed P2P blockchain network which allows users to automatically sell and buy electricity harnessed from solar panels. The autonomous and trustless systems blockchain offers make it an ideal technology to reduce many of the inefficiencies power grids experience today. Here’s how it works. All of these transactions will be paid in Power Ledger’s native token, POWR. Power Ledger was at the 2017 Blockchain Summit where they got a lot of attention and they look to make many more strategic partnerships in 2018. For more information on Power Ledger, see their whitepaper and website. Electron is a UK-based company aiming to use blockchain technology to create a decentralized natural gas and electricity metering system. Their platform will help users switch between the two efficiently. Registering energy meters on the blockchain will help utility companies comply with upcoming regulations which will require upgrades to existing metering systems and make the existing systems more efficient. Currently, there is no centralized register of all the electricity and gas meters in the UK. Because of this, it can take two to three weeks for a customer to switch their utility services from one source to another. Electron’s blockchain technology hopes to reduce this time down from multiple days to “mere minutes”. The company is looking to offer meter registration on the blockchain free of charge to utility companies and then offer value-added services such as decentralized P2P energy trading. Electron has been awarded two Innovate UK grants and over half a million pounds of venture capital funding. Recently, in September 2017, Electron was awarded what they described as “substantial funding” from the UK Energy Entrepreneur Fund. They are looking to scale up their operations in 2018.

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For more up-to-date information on Electron, see their website.

However, all investors will need to provide adequate identification in the form of passport etc, the team will request for it, and we’re continuing to process it. No video reviews for this project. Be the first one to add. Team: 5 persons Prototype: NO ICO Min/max personal cap: 0.00 / 0.00 ICO Token Price: 0.00 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO Total Tokens: 550,000,000 Enterprises can leverage Cognida’s Service Network Interface to connect to trusted service networks where they can administer third-party cloud services from a single interface. - Cognida did not start any Marketing yet, but reserved 3% for only ICO Marketing. - 57% of all tokens will be sold during the ICO- 3% will either be airdropped of used for bounty campaign. - Strong team lockups, that are linked to their Platform launch. High - Dustin Byington is Advisor and is the current president Wanchain. Despite being super early days for WindmillEnterprise, we feel this could be a top 20 token for 2018. It has a very experienced team with both marketing and blockchain experience. There is a reasonable amount of tokens allocated for pre & public-sale. The main advisor is the president of Wanchain, so has huge experience that will help the team produce a great product.

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Our only concern is that there is no Telegram or Twitter page that we could find despite the public token sale being in July.

We hope that this doesn’t mean that they will cancel the public sale due to VC investors. We look forward to seeing the token metrics in due course. ICO TODAY (이하 “회사”라 함) 는 정보통신서비스 제공자가 준수하여야 할 관련 법령상의 개인정보 보호 규정을 준수하며, 관련 법령에 의거한 개인정보 처리방침을 정하여 이용자 권익보호에 최선을 다하고 있습니다. 회사는 기본적 서비스 제공을 위하여 최소한의 필수 정보만을 수집하고 있습니다. - 닉네임, 이메일 주소, 비밀 번호 원칙적으로, 개인정보 수집 및 이용목적이 달성되면 회원의 개인정보는 지체없이 파기합니다. 1) 회사 내부 방침에 의한 정보 보유 사유- 부정거래 방지 및 운영방침에 따른 보관: 5년 2)관련 법령에 의한 정보보유 사유가. 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률- 계약 또는 청약철회 등에 관한 기록: 5년- 대금 결제 및 재화 등의 공급에 관한 기록: 5년- 회원의 불만 또는 분쟁 처리에 관한 기록: 3년나. 통신비밀보호법- 방문에 관한 기록: 3개월