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Proof of Initial Thesis - Direct carrier negotiation netted an 18% discount overnight, proving we didn’t need brokerages to drive deep savings. The blockchain creates true transparency and efficiency in multi-party workflows, which are prevalent in the freight industry. Below is the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) information for Fr8 Network (FR8). Get Weekly ICO Updates Sign up for our newsletter and receive insider ICO news Please contact us to add information or edit the content of your page. A decentralized supply chain management application aiming to reduce intermediaries and data silos. By David Jackson When cryptocurrency gets brought up in the news, there are typically only two aspects of the crypto market being taken into consideration: You get the idea. People in the mainstream tend to have a pretty basic understanding of how cryptocurrency works, and that’s to be expected. We shouldn’t be surprised that cryptocurrency ends up getting presented this way. But it does bring up an interesting question: what can be accomplished with cryptocurrencies? Don’t get me wrong, those of us within the blockchain community are fully aware of the laundry list of perks that come with a fully integrated crypto market. I’m not just talking about “decentralization” or “fraud protection” in a vague sense. I want to explore how we can actually improve society in a meaningful way with cryptocurrencies. Nano Vision was formed as the solution to a problem that is as problematic as it is antiquated. The reality of research as we know it is that it’s trapped in a model that’s fundamentally broken. While trying to drive scientific advancement, trillions of dollars end up being spent all around the world, with limited success. To make matters worse, critical data ends up being siloed in individual institutions and governments globally. Nano Vision aims to change that by aggregating existing and real-time data from the world’s leading institutions. By using a global, decentralized blockchain economy, they can empower citizens and scientists to address the world’s greatest human health challenges. At its core, DecentraNet operates as a full-service blockchain advisory and consultancy, serving entrepreneurs with a full suite of done-for-you services, deep industry partnerships, access to capital, and community events. DecentraNet hopes to use blockchain technology to enable newer, more efficient solutions to otherwise crippling global challenges. But what does that really mean? The easiest way to think of Loci is that it’s a platform designed to change the way the Intellectual Property (IP) industry functions. The unfortunate reality of the IP world is that claiming an idea as IP can be a terribly lengthy and expensive venture, with very little in the realm of payoff. Loci aims to fix this problem by simplifying both the patent search process and utilizing unique visualizations to help further understand the vast landscape of ideas. By the time Loci is done with the IP industry, inventors will have a cheaper, faster method for claiming IP. As an investor, there’s a pretty common issue that you’ll run into: balancing your liquid assets and your illiquid assets. Traditionally, these markets are kept siloed, but Securrency is hoping to change that. Securrency aims to be your go-to financial tool to make asset transfers easier than ever before, with access to a part bond, part currency, and part exchange traded fund share. This means that you’ll be able to instantly liquefy any of your assets, without having to pay for costly third-party services. So, how does the BuildCoin Foundation help? By leading the charge when it comes to building a new foundation for global economic and human social advancement. The BuildCoin Foundation understands that investments in the development of quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure drive economic development. That’s why they created BuildCoin, a cryptocurrency that’s designed to help offer transparency, immutability, process integrity and disintermediation, all at lower costs and with faster transactions. While it may not seem glamorous to most people, the trucking industry is truly the backbone of American commerce. With 80% of all cargo transported overland by trucks, and more than $700B spent on overland logistics in the U.S in 2016, the market is undeniable. Unfortunately, it’s also very inefficient. Just as important, by using blockchain technology, they’re able to mitigate the industry’s considerable environmental impact. At its core, Constellation is a horizontally scalable distributed operating system with smart contracts as microservices. Constellation offers a cryptocurrency with transactions faster than both Bitcoin and Ethereum by a factor of 1000. And with no transaction fees, more and more people will be able to take advantage of this cryptocurrency. It’s completely decentralized, mobile compatible and you can easily integrate Constellation’s smart contracts as microservices into existing applications. The Dispatch platform is actually relatively simple. With blockchain going mainstream, Dispatch Labs is building the architecture to get it there. Dispatch aims to create a platform that will disrupt a host of traditional industries. By enabling the development of secure, decentralized peer-to-peer applications. The most interesting thing about SolidOpinion is their approach to being an engagement company. Their goal is to help users track, power, drive, and reward engagement. And yet their focus is on creating targeted, un-intrusive ads that drive engagement. And at the core of all this is a digital currency that offers transparency and efficiency to its users. NuBits might be one of the few digital currencies that’s stable enough and versatile enough for the mainstream financial markets. NuBits uses a 1-to-1 ratio with the US dollar, meaning that there’s no need to perform complex math at the point of sale. Plus with no vendors fees or customer chargebacks, it’s a great financial tool for vendors and merchants. Which crypto company do you think is leading the charge when it comes to improving society? Please read the disclaimer and risk warning. This offer is based on information provided solely by the offeror and other publicly available information. The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to ICOholder and ICOholder has no involvement in it (including any technical support or promotion). Token sales listed from persons that ICOholder has no relationship with are shown only to help customers keep track of the activity taking place within the overall token sector. This information is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist advice or carry out your own due diligence before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content on our site. Please, describe the bugs in the data. Missed rounds, incorrect statuses, unworkable links or any other bugs found. Our first solution is a game-changing capacity planning and management toolset for carriers.Rewards & BenefitsWe understand that drivers want maximum time on the road at the lowest cost possible. This ICO page looks unfinished, as well as the WP. I’m currently rating only what I can see, and that is why the rates are a bit on a lower end. I do not know, how big is the company, but having 13 (or 18, as in the WP) advisers looks a bit off, unless you are thousands. Trucking industry will face a huge challenge from the logistics automation in 5-50 years. I do not know the future, but usually that means a potentially shrinking market for a human assisting technologies. Artisan truck driving may be a thing, thought. The proposed smart-contract structure and the market mechanics look not optimal. That may be due to an attempt to integrate them with an existing systems, or may be something else. Yet is gives a clear opportunity to compete (if there would be any competitors). Overall impression is that the ICO is preparing in a rush, or that we are just witnessing its very early stage. Either way, to get ICO largely funded, you shall do better. 1 person agree Cryptocurrency Enthusiast | Senior Analyst at Midgard VenturesRated on Mar 26, 2018 11%weight This rating’s weight is reduced by 50% as there is no review added. 64%weight Experts are independently and voluntarily contributing to the community. If no expert has rated the ICO, only ICO analyzer’s results are used. Always research before investing as these ratings should not be taken as an investing guide of any kind.Ratings and ICO analyzer results are being updated (re-calculated) every few hours. A blockchain-enabled ecosystem that connects travelers and travel service providers to create unforgettable

Buy Fr8 Network ICO Whitelist

Smart Trip Platform will have a wide range of social network features: chatrooms, blogs, photos… A blockchain-enabled ecosystem that connects travelers and travel service providers to create unforgettable

Smart Trip Platform will have a wide range of social network features: chatrooms, blogs, photos & videos, This way, users will be able to share their travel experiences, ask and give advice, find travel mates, build up their ratings and become influencers, create itineraries together, and much more. business, Smart Trip Platform will offer low commissions , direct access to a vast client base from across the globe, and affordable advertising on the platform. Smart Trip Platform will be the first A to Z trip planning tool and travel-centered social network - all powered by blockchain. Pre-sale I round: 16 April - 13 May, min contribution 100$, tokens for sale 20% Pre-sale II round: 14 May -10 June, min contribution 50$, tokens for sale 20% Main ICO: 11 June - 08 July, no min contribution, tokens for sale 20% less Fr8 Network is a solution for truckers, suppliers who need to freight their cargo, truck brokers and freight factors. This decentralized marketplace for all market participants make possible secured payments with guarantee of real freight, clear reputation system and minimum fees to all participants between supplier and trucker. Additionally, there will be added value services like software solutions, loyalty programs, financial services etc. No more detailed information about business pla was presented. Marketing strategy presented here in details: creating demand via partnerships with shippers, distributers and brokers (i.e. with usage of token distribution); creating supply via partnerships with carriers and membership in Blockchain in Transport Alliance. As initial market founders selected US, but there are plans to international expansion. But, all partnerships were not proved, and there are no numbers of planned sales and their dynamics. Additionally, Lewisco Holdings was declared as one of strategic partners and national distributer of general merchandise and grocery product. But, according their own website, they are only a buyers of salvage from manufacturers without any information of management. Looks like founders have a deep knowledge about market issues and ways to solve it via blockchain product with reputation system and secured deals. The target audience of the project is all the freight market participants: truckers, suppliers, brokers and freight factors. Project strong sides: clear understanding of competitive advantages; described marketing strategy; probably existing partnerships in industry. Project weak sides: lack of roadmap and business-plan; incorrect information in founders’ profile. So our position is negative. Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO Reviews DigitalBank is the Tax Haven of Bitcoin and Crypto Investors . The DigitalBank is a 100% Anonymous Offshore E-Banking System . The DigitalBank  is The Tax Haven of CryptoCurrency Assets . The DigitalBank allows fully anonymous crypto accounts . The most secured offshore banking system ever  . DigitalBank is the safest Cryptocurrency “Vault “available. Unbreakable  Quantum Encryption . DigitalBank is the Tax Haven of Bitcoin and Crypto Investors . Visit the DigitalBank FAQ Is  the  Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO (Initial Coin Offering) a  Scam or NOT ? Unrealistic  Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO (Initial Coin Offering) goals ? If an ICO makes bold claims without an economic plan or roadmap to support it, it’s best to avoid investing. Further, even if the team has offered a roadmap, you have to do your own research and judge the feasibility of the project. Let us know what you think , and let them know what you feel about their ICO  . Are you buying into the Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO , because it has strong business fundamentals or because the sales pitch make you feel good? Jordan Belfort , the real ” Wolf of Wall Street ” has claimed that Initial Coin Offerings like Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   , are the “biggest scam ever”. ICO’s involve a company selling cryptographic tokens instead of shares or raising debt when starting up. If the service proves the popular the coin is likely to increase in value. However, the absence of legal guidelines in this new and unregulated field has led to many ICO scams. That is the reason you must beware of  Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO . Is there a beta version of Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO project ? Is there a launched product with limited functionality? Prefer projects which have “some lines” of working code, however, many  ICOs have proven they can become success stories without any code written. Why isn’t Bitcoin or Ethereum enough to serve as the Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO project’s token? Yes, many projects just make up a scammy story. Hey, an ICO can’t be an Initial Coin Offering without a dedicated token. The same question needs to be asked regarding the use of the blockchain technology behind the project. Greed can be defined by a high token distribution to the team members, let’s say, more than 50% of the tokens is suspicious. A good project will link its token distribution to the roadmap. Because each phase or milestone of the project requires a certain amount of funding. Is there a strong business case for Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO (Initial Coin Offering) technology ? Missing Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO code repository: This is another sure shot method to spotting an ICO scam. If the company is unwilling to release its code to public repositories such as Github, avoid the ICO altogether. Please combine this with your typical individual who understands little of investing and only throws money at things. Thinking up a product like Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO , is not the same thing as creating it. Startups like Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   , very often “burn out” when faced with unforeseen problems. Someone goes bankrupt after launching his startup, while someone else doesn’t launch at all. If the ICO is, by any means, anonymous or do not gladly advertise their team, it is an absolute NO GO for me. The one thing people have to loose when scamming other people through (Initial Coin Offering) s is their reputation. One can argue that they can loose time, but so many companies make it so easy to issue anything nowadays that it isn’t a factor anymore. So if they do not stake their own identities in the project I don’t advise you to count on them to take it seriously. Please Note : fake ICOs make vague claims. Underlining these questions, investors are driven to source for information either through their website, technical papers, social media pages and through review websites. The following are some of the key areas where answers to the questions can be found: Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO Technicality; whitepaper, proof-of-concept, Use-case / feasibility and Roadmap, all contain important data and say a lot about the enterprise. The white paper will show that the venture has a well thought through idea about what they intend to do. It usually contains the written explanations and other important information the investor might be interested in. Some even go as far as including snippets from their project source code or including graphical illustrations and flowcharts. This can be likened to the business plan in most contemporary real-world startups. Who’s behind the Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO Project? Also, partnership structure can say a lot about the tokenized asset. What’s their economic structure of Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO ? The primary reason for  Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   initial coin offering is to raise money to kick-start a blockchain enterprise. Other than this, the intentions can be suspicious.

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You can go through their prospective financial scope; you can tell if the team wants to put their bellies before the blockchain.

How they intend to distribute their tokens, what percentage of stakes the developers or presumed advisors have in the entire budget are all markers to look out for. Moreover, how will investors contribute their funds? Is there an escrow system set or will they be using a smart contract with multiple signature wallets? Who will the escrow be, and what are the conditions for fund transfer between escrows and developers. Remember that tokenization of digital assets, coin offering, and cryptocurrency so far do not have legal backing and money could be lost through wrong investment choice. Some people like to build parallels between ICOs and the IPOs of the modern technological era. But, this analogy is incongruent — the problem being that the great majority of projects behind (Initial Coin Offering) s can not present a functioning product or service. Want to Become a Co-Founder in the DigitalBank Initial Coin Offering ? The most advanced anonymous digital bank of the blockchain era. Your Bitcoin key is kept in pieces in 3 different real bank vaults in Switzerland . Guaranteed lifetime access . Register today at and become a founding partner by owning real tangible shares in the DigitalBank company . Any project you invest money in must be real right now, not in the distant future. Is this the case with Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ? Ask yourself : is this true for Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   ? Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   people talk how their token supply will decrease (basic cryptocurrency feature present in all coins) and the token price will grow. See how fat that rising bottom line is. This is all they want – an expensive token that will let them dump and exchange it for Bitcoin. Avoid Initial Coin Offering scams by knowing exactly what you’re getting into each time. You need to decide for yourself whether a new coin has the potential to take off, and whether the developers know what they’re doing. If you don’t have the know-how to make a judgment, you should probably avoid all ICO s. Many  ICO scams like Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO ,rely on the so-called “FOMO,” or fear of missing out. So, the people behind these scams attempt to generate a large amount of FOMO in a very short amount of time with aggressive urgency campaigns. Then, once the (Initial Coin Offering) launches, they simply wait for FOMO to push the price up, and then sell. So, watch out for the Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO urgency campaigns and Initial Coin Offering trying to capitalize on FOMO. Another sign of an ICO scam is that the developers are unable to clearly articulate a valid use case for the token. The token should serve a key purpose in the startup’s platform. If it does not, the token will not sustain its value over the long-term. Related to this problem are tokens that advertise themselves merely as digital currencies without offering any real innovations or improvements upon existing cryptocurrency technology. Due diligence is the key when it comes to research in the upcoming  Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO and the products they are offering. You cannot just rely on other people’s research, comments, thoughts or analysis. There are always individuals who pass off paid promotion content as their research. The best thing you can do is to communicate with Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO corporate executives involved with the Initial Coin Offering . In most cases, they are more than happy to provide valuable information to help you make your decision. Always be aware that the people you talk to at Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   , may not have the best intentions, so try to avoid sales pitches. Instead, focus on validating the Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   company’s existence and direction. It’s becoming part of the ICO culture to post LinkedIn links along with the team’s profiles. That’s a good sign because shows us they’re not afraid to be contacted. In the past, scams posted real people’s profiles claiming they belonged to their ICO team when actually the person had no clue it as even going on. That’s why it is worth to at least check their profiles and make sure they mention the company that is launching the Initial Coin Offering . Otherwise it is an absolute red flag. None of these tules are absolute truths. Yet, as a general rule, teams should advertise their part in projects that seek to be crowdfunded. Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO (Initial Coin Offering)   will usually have an escrow to hold user’s funds during the ICO and after. So keep an eye out for the Escrow participants and the escrow conditions. This may save you some money. Do you think that the Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   startup is using the top Escrow service . And if it’s not, it can be a good indicator about the fact that this ICO being a non-authentic one. ICOs like Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   , are a cheap way to finance artificial development without any commitments. They are a scam in itself because there is no insurance on the failure to deliver. Ask them the right questions before investing even one single dollar in the Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO (Initial Coin Offering) . You do not get the right answer , let us know . The field can be even more confusing to navigate when malicious groups get celebrity endorsements. Surely a trusted face would vet whoever they support? One thing that you should not forget to check on is what people are talking about the Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which you are interested. If you have any doubt, you can simply put an open ended question on the forum asking people their opinions. It turns out that the combination of attractive words, facts and new information will make a text look and sound great in the full description of the word great. REMEMBER : If something seems like a scam, it probably is. Post your Anonymous Complaints & Reviews Today about Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   . EMAIL US at [email protected] , about all the inside information you have about the Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   . We will make sure that every person ,that will search information on Google, about Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO (Initial Coin Offering) , will find , first of all , your review . Our Reviews are top level ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing , and we constantly show up on every possible search term , related to Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   . The forum could also mention scam projects or shady projects you need to shun. Originally, they may not even care about the future elaboration or even operational processes of their products. They simply endeavor to encourage crypto-investors to buy their tokens actively within a certain period. Without a doubt, it’s the wrong approach. The reason being that all of this is extremely important for the future operations of a sturup as a mature business unit. These things will determine whether the price of a Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO token issued by the company goes up or down at the crypto-exchanges. Obviously, Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO supporters are waiting for 10x capital gain, but the majority of us do not care about the deadlines for a project release. What you expect from a real ICO is high-level descriptions and specifications, step by step, about how the project will go on and how the technology works. You will get charts, calculations, simulations, formulas and other specifications. However, many do. ICO — the hottest craze in cryptocurrencies — is an ‘absolute scam,’ Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales says On this webpage you can post anonymous reviews and complaints about Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO . If you have any kind of information about Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO   , that connects them to financial scams , online frauds and investor’s complaints , let us know ! Most of ICOs scams target first timers, but even experienced traders and miners fall into the scam trap. The Wolf of Wall Street Thinks that Initial Coin Offerings Are ‘The Biggest Scam Ever’ After the price has risen and more people have bought into the asset, the group will dump it and leave investors holding worthless securities.

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ICO scams work in a similar way, by driving up the value of coins before ‘dumping’ them for a quick profit.

There are now around 500 new ICO ’s per month. Lack of details in Fr8 Network (FR8) Fr8 Network ICO (Initial Coin Offering) : It’s an obvious red flag. If an ICO fails to provide technicalities and working of its product to potential investors and hosts then it means their product is not workable. Always make sure to check out public repository. To carefully judge the future of the business venture. It is best done through a secure identity verification service. These scams also threaten the back-office as they infiltrate with malware on your interface. Every ICO has a certain risk. If someone offers no-risk venture then it’s probably risky. New Sophisticated Bitcoin Mining Technology . Start Mining Bitcoins from your Home or Office for just $ 950 . Belfort, as a penny stock purveyor, had to fight for attention whereas now ICO founders garner time on high-profile media outlets and in some cases even celebrity endorsement. Sites such as Twitter have made advertising a novelty currency much easier. “Promoters of  ICO’s are perpetuating a massive scam”, says Belfort. He admits that it is likely most people don’t have bad intentions, but if they do it is a ‘disaster’. There is a distinct lack of secure identity verification service(s) usage in ICO market. The rise of exit scams, including the disappearance of founding teams with chunks of capital  is alarming. It crushes the reliability of cryptocurrency and its sources. The question surfaces: if even apparent genuine crypto platforms can turn out to be a scam, how does one verify whether to trust a cryptocurrency startup. One thing is certain – digital verification, for (Initial Coin Offering) s investors, is continuous and not a one-time thing. False URLs: Your first line of defense against  ICO scams is a secure, protected connection. Avoid any incriminating appearing links. It might access your database through malicious route. Make sure that any information such as offered market price, is similar to the one being officially given. Check multiple sources to vet the figure. Avoid “offers” and “discounts” as they cannot be authenticated via ID verification. Phishing in ICO marketing: It is the oldest form of scams. Fraudulent teams reach out to potential investors with designed emails to acquire personal information that include bitcoin wallets credentials. They impersonate everyday brands like Google or Facebook and send out scamming bots in encrypted emails. Avoid it by simply marking false appearing emails as spam. Use search engines to verify online presence. Let’s face it, cryptocurrency is baffling to begin with. An attempt to secure it against scams is just good sense. Start Mining Bitcoins from your Home or Office Start Now your Bitcoin Mining for just $ 950  ! Click the Link Below : The $700B domestic freight industry lacks any cohesive, trusted solution creating a lack of transparency and preventing market evolution. Fr8 Network is a set of decentralized applications designed to streamline the freight industry’s fractured value chain by transparently connecting key stakeholders, removing high-cost arbitrage, and redistributing revenue. Their blockchain network facilitates the digitization of record-keeping related to the trade of assets, even in scenarios where intermediaries and brokers are incentivized to resist change. A decentralized protocol for the freight industry. 01.05.2018 Fundraising progress: 0 USD of 60,000,000 USD PRE-SALE: Team: 10 persons Prototype: Not yet Company Residence: USA ICO Min/max personal cap: 0.00 / 0.00 ICO Token Price: 0.15 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 Available for Token Sale: 40% CONTACTS [email protected] [email protected] © 2018 Ingello Investment Rating Expire date: 28.12.2017 We assign a “Risky+” rating to the MAD Networks project. We find the idea attractive. The solution to the problems identified by the authors is still relevant, and the market for advertising and digital advertising in particular has great potential. The project team is small but has good experience, required for the product development. There are other projects that have been successfully implemented and are being run by the authors of the MAD Network project. However, no one in the team has real experience of working directly with advertising. The MAD token itself is a utility. Using the token within the system will facilitate demand for it. MAD Network has strong support from IBM (through the AdLedger Consortium) and Fenbushi Capital. However, it is worth noting some uncertainty about the project: The marketing campaign is only now being launched, and community approval of the project is not yet significant. There is no MVP and no technical description of the project, which makes it impossible to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. There is high competition in the advertising market in general, as well as competitors that have already entered the market. For example Brave and AdEx, who have successfully completed their ICOs. The full-scale launch of the project is expected no sooner than within the next year. Because there is no prototype and the developer team is still being put together, there are risks of underestimating the time needed for the project’s implementation. The project does not involve any rewards for the authors themselves. The question arises as to the interest of founders in the long-term development of the project and the fate of the platform following the disbursement of funds collected through ICO. The shares of token holders will be diluted by the additional token issuance announced by the project authors. The total volume of the issuance and the frequency of additional issues are not specifically identified. The MAD Network is a set of decentralized applications designed to seamlessly connect every stakeholder within the complex adtech value chain. The project is based on blockchain technology, so it is a logical process to stage the ICO with the issuance of internal tokens. MAD Network is a company registered in Singapore. All token launch participants will complete a basic KYC/AML check before entering the token sale portal. Investors from the United States, China, and Singapore will be unable to participate in the general crowd sale. New tokens will be issued after one year to those who participated in the bonus structure and held their tokens for a year. The wallets will use a basic three-key multisig structure. MAD Network is a system that enables advertisers and publishers to be requisitioned without intermediaries. With a specially designed consensus mechanism, the Proof of Real Work, miners are motivated to create more efficient machine learning algorithms. This solves some of the problems described below, but note that such an approach improves the cost-effectiveness of interaction between the two parties. These orders are placed using MADtoken in the smart contract. MADnet Books will initially be fulfilled via MadHive’s centralized ad server. MADnet CORE will be a decentralized Ad Server and Exchange.

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Two main functions are performed here: (1) Miners are motivated to pick orders more carefully, and (2) payment and placement of advertisements are confirmed.

MADnet Books unites users of the ecosystem with MADnet CORE. MADnet DATA is a platform for managing data about transactions and audiences. At this level, data is exchanged on the blockchain, and publisher profit is ensured. The publisher then receives MADcred for fiat money and puts MADcred back into the smart contract, confirming receipt of the payment. MADcred is burned, and the advertiser receives MADbonus. If the publisher has not confirmed the payment by returning to the MADcred contract, the advertiser may block the publisher. MADbonus is intended to stimulate circulation within the system. MADbonus can be used as MADtoken, paying for advertisements (up to 50%). Incentivizes participant behavior to be aligned with the benefit of the network. Bootstraps the long-term development of the MAD Network. Unfortunately, no code examples or a detailed description of the technical content are available in the documentation. This factor suggests either a low degree of project development or weak disclosure of project information, which in any case is evaluated negatively by us. The digital advertising market continues to grow at a good rate. The growth rate for 2016 was 17.86%. Statista gives the following estimates for the digital advertising market: In retrospect, there is a steady growth in the market. Market analysts expect further confident growth and an increase in the share of digital advertising. The absolute growth in mobile advertising is expected to be about 80 billion dollars. All other media become secondary. The authors of the project do not impose any boundaries on it: The geographic footprint can cover the entire world. It is rather hard to estimate the expected turnover within the system. The project looks interesting to potential participants because it does not involve a financial barrier to signing up. There is little to no information available on the advantages or disadvantages of MAD networks compared to decentralized competitors. The project authors themselves do not see BAT as a competitor, rather a future partner. In the media plan generally there is a budget for additional reach to the same consumer across other platforms and devices as well as segments/look alike audiences. MAD Network which is based on blockchain, enables all transactions to be transparent. Disappearing Ad Dollar On average, en route from the advertiser to the publisher, about 60% of an advertiser’s fee is diluted. MAD Network offers a decentralized site where the only intermediary, a miner, receives 10% of the payment. Data Leakage Publishers often resort to third-party services and share some information. MAD Network does not have third parties that could use the data for their personal gain. The main risk to the project, like with many other blockchain startups, is the lack of a working version. The first beta version will appear in August 2018, which is a large time lag. Since everything associated with blockchain is quite new, there is a risk of an increase of the launch schedule due to an underestimation of the complexity of the task. The digital advertising market is promising, but there are many who want to take their share of the market. The lack of a working model or the risk of a later launch might cause MAD Network to lag significantly at the start. In the Telegram chat, the authors mentioned that video ads are their main focus. If the project is implemented in one direction, this will reduce its competitiveness. The team has announced a future additional issue of tokens in a year’s time, and this may not be a one-off. Rules according to which decisions about additional issues are made, are not developed. Core team The team’s experience corresponds to the specified positions. The team was put together in the context of MadHive. This team can successfully handle the technical launch of the project. Nevertheless, we are forced to note that no one from the core team was directly involved in advertising. Adam Helfgott - Project Lead. He is currently CEO of MadHive. Past experience in the field of SaaS Solutions (eCamp, Lookbooks Media). Tom Bollich - Lead Architect. CTO at MadHive. He is an advisor and token architect for two projects: Fr8 Network and StormX, Inc. Co-founder of Hyr Inc. In the past — the vice president of technology at AdExchange; Co-founder of Zynga; CEO at Surina Inc. Konstantin Richter - Token Strategist. He is the CEO of Blockdaemon. Has a great deal of experience as an advisor for various projects (including MADHive; currently:) Odyssey House,, DNAstack, Genumobile, Wiredrive, GemHQ, Mighty Audio, Santiago Advisory, Foundation). Chris Powers, Project Manager. Vice President in BTC Labs. Management experience since 2010 (most prominent in the Z0ben Advisors). Spent some time dealing with international markets at ICOAGE. Advisors The authors of the project do not define the roles of advisers. Most participants have rich experience as heads in different directions of business, and it is difficult to determine whether the advisors will actually be useful to the project. MAD Network was founded in 2017. At this time, the company does not have a beta version of the site or applications for users. The project will be a successor to MadHive’s work on intellectual property. After staging the ICO, the primary focus will shift to the development team to build the platform. MADnet Books’ payment system is planned to be launched by April 2018. At this stage, MADnet Books will serve as a shopping platform for those who wish to buy or sell tokens. By August 2018, the implementation of MADnet Core and its full integration with MADnet Books is planned. Access to MAD Network is open to all. The ready version of the MAD Network is expected to be released in November 2018 when  advertising on the network using MADtoken is fully implemented. Realization of the third block - MADnet Data - is planned after the MAD Network launch. The project sponsors do not specify a time frame for this phase. According to this plan, the launch of the MAD Network is expected no earlier than August 2018, but actual transactions using MADtoken will happen no earlier than November 2018. Public response to the project online is currently rather weak. The authors stated that the MAD Network will soon launch an advertising campaign through BTC Media. In addition, a bounty campaign is planned. The project authors say that there are no profits for the system. All tokens will be distributed among the participants, there are no commissions or payments, except for advertisements. Such payments are likely to appear in the future as the ecosystem grows. The attractiveness of the project to the creators is unclear if it is unable to offer them profits except via the one-time crowdsale. The digital advertising market continues to grow, and projects on blockchain technology are being implemented with greater success and are being introduced into everyday life.

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In a consumer society, the advertising business will not lose its investment attractiveness.

MAD tokens are an infrastructural element of the system. The demand for them as a payment method will not appear before the launch of the MAD Network (August 2018.) Within the system the demand for the tokens will grow with an increase in advertising volumes. As a result, we recommend the purchase of MAD tokens to investors who prefer a long-term investment strategy and accept the identified risks above. The information contained in the document is for informational purposes only. Our goal is to increase the transparency and reliability of the young ICO market and to minimize the risk of fraud. We appreciate feedback with constructive comments, suggestions and ideas on how to make the analysis more comprehensive and informative. this post was submitted on 13 Mar 2018 4 points (100% upvoted) shortlink: π Rendered by PID 64906 on app-386 at 2018-06-11 14:52:53.343981+00:00 running 67864d7 country code: FR.