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Commencement of decentralised governance where token holders decide policies.

Overall, we have an undetermined view about the flipping potential of the ICO and are neutral about its long-term potential. Our thoughts on buying the tokens for flipping and investing for the long term are as follows: For flipping Depends. The project has a relatively low hard cap for a blockchain protocol project and has generated high market awareness. If the team chooses the first option (issuing a placeholder token), then the turnaround time would be much quicker. We would be positive about the flipping potential in this case. In addition, this does not take into account the time it takes for the mainnet PHT tokens to be integrated and listed on exchanges. We have a neutral view for flipping if this is the option that the team chooses. For long-term holding Neutral. The idea of the project was conceived and developed more than one year ago during last year’s Consensus Hackathon. However, the team suspended the development and waited until one year later to conduct an ICO to continue the project. LightStreams is a blockchain platform that supports distributed applications that need particularly high speed anddata privacy. LightStreams is a modification of the Ethereum Protocol and is compatible with the application development tools provided by the Ethereum platform. The founders of the project say that the blockchain technology is faced with such problems as the management of data and their privacy. LightStreams offers a solution to this problem: unlimited storage space, reduce storage costs, fast transaction speed, privacy and data management. The Dapps development platform has long been nothing new in the world of blockchain projects and technologies. This niche is actively developing, it cannot be called settled and crowded. However, LightStreams must actively fight for its market share and prove its superiority over competitors. Hard cap of the project is 20 million dollars. The LightStreams prototype was developed in may 2017. The road map doesnt contain details. The development of the project will take place until the end of 2018. Tokens of the project (PHOTON tokens) will be used for the following purposes: The revenue model of the platform is not described. The LightStreams platform is likely to earn on commissions. The business plan clearly needs to be detailed and further refined. The LightStreams project doesn’t have a marketing strategy and it’s very sad. Projects focused mainly on the B2B segment should develop a marketing strategy very carefully. ICO is clearly not enough to promote the finished product. There are doubts whether the founders of the project are going to do something after the ICO. The project team consists of 6 people experienced in software blockchain and engineering, blockchain development, digital design, digital marketing. The project team has skills mainly in IT-engineering and programming, which is quite relevant to the project. But there are only 6 people in the team, this may not be enough for the effective project implementation. The founders of the project are focused on the rapidly emerging market of decentralized applications. They assume an exponential growth of the Dapps market that will be interested in using the LightStreams network. The White Paper provides an overview of several the most popular platforms for developing applications (EOS, Ethereum etc). It is likely that the founders of the project assess the trend correctly. But they should have made a more detailed analysis of the emerging Dapps market and give some figures at least. The project is aimed at developers and companies developing Dapps for various industries (social networks, content publishing, decentralized elections, data exchange, etc.).

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  • The product is in demand in the Dapps emerging market
  • LightStreams competitive advantages are clearly highlighted.

There is a common understanding of the target audience, but no details.

The LightStreams project uses Permissioned Blocks technology, which gives Dapps developers the following benefits: Competitive advantages are formulated quite clearly. After the launch of the project, it will be possible to judge how they are embodied in reality. The LightStreams project has the following advantages: Disadvantages of the project are as follows: Lighstreams solves the problem of data storage when sharing content on the blockchain networks. The technology focuses on the requirements of privacy, confidentiality, and scalability for Decentralized Application (DApps). Lightstreams is a modified version of the Ethereum blockchain and retains compatibility with the existing ecosystem of Ethereum developer tools and libraries. Please read our rules before posting Icocrypto is the place to come for review and discussion of everything related to active and upcoming ICO / Crowdsales. Let’s build a Due diligence community. r/icocrypto do not promote any product or company but offer a place to gather public informations. The goal is to build together a due dilligence community. Moderators and the community are not responsible for your personal choices. Informations on this subreddit are not guaranteed. You have to make your own due dilligence and we invite you to seek for complementary informations… and to share those informations with us. Scam artists, covert advertising, vote manipulation… Be vigilant. To submit a post or a comment, you need > 20 days account and > 20 comment karma. Breaking one or multiple rules can lead to an immediate permaban No covert advertising. We are not selling ICOs, we are discussing ICOs. No vote manipulation. r/icocrypto is open to companies for AMA, discussions, feedback and due diligence with the community. But as mentionned above, not open to covert advertising, spam or sockpuppeting. Lightstreams is a peer-to-peer network enabling commerce and content distribution via a blockchain. It aims to provide confidentiality to all network participants via permissions controls set by content creators, sellers, and buyers. Established companies such as Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix are their target centralized competitors. Talk about aiming high. Buying and selling goods and services will be a first use case for the Lightstreams platform. Businesses today are evaluating how blockchain will disrupt their operations or how it can harness the power of this new technology to further its agenda. Private blockchains have become the tool of choice over public blockchains for a variety of reasons including: privacy laws, permissions capabilities, and scalability. The Lightstreams Test Network is already up and running. Developers and entrepreneurs can download the application and download a local copy of the blockchain today. Lightstreams is just starting to make the rounds in the influencer and marketing communities, but the team has been hard at work having a product semi-ready to ship. Rather than raising money with just a whitepaper – blood, sweat, and tears went into building the project prior to raising their public profile. Lightstreams plans to enable smart contract owners to have the flexibility in granting or revoking permissions to end users or other contracts. Their approach differs from other permission controlled blockchain architectures in that it will be peer-to-peer. Today, other solutions use a centralized database to record what permissions on what smart contracts to which users have access. IPFS will serve as the underlying distributed storage solution for Lightstreams. Other protocols that use IPFS are Steem (for photos and videos), Filecoin, and EOS. Lightstreams plans to modify IPFS with an additional layer on top of it. This new layer will focus on permission to the requested data.

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  • Large storage capacity
  • Reduced data storage costs
  • High transaction speed
  • Data management and protection.

Combining IPFS and permissions is an attempt to replicate what web and mobile applications use today.

Live applications over mobile and web require backend systems with access control, mutable data, and the ability to make certain data confidential. If successful, Lightstream would put together an infrastructure stack somewhat similar to what developers are comfortable with today. I agree the use case of distributed storage with privacy/permissions, low latency, and regulatory compliance is in need. But I keep going back to the question of whether the Lightstreams team is able to take on early movers such as Filecoin. As an incumbent, Filecoin is well funded and positioned to add features such as permissions into their core offering. For Lightstreams to succeed, I foresee the need to focus on niche use cases. Essentially they should double down on particular areas along several axes: privacy and low latency (fast!). In addition to Filecoin, there are other early movers such as Siacoin, SAFE, and Swarm. On a macro level, IPFS and the entire distributed storage space is contingent upon recruiting storage capacity from unused hardware. Idle servers and computers are finite, thus presenting a likely non-scalable supply. The remaining protocols would be fighting for a smaller share of the overall market. Lightstream is banking on privacy and permissions as a key identifiable feature for developers of decntralized applications (dApps). In situations of excess demand for storage, prices across these networks may rapidly increase. Arbitrage opportunists may find, for a short time, price differences between these networks and indirectly serve to equalize prices along these networks. While good for token investors, it presents a potentially expensive solution for application developers. The Lightstreams team looks and feels light on the relevant experience. I see three talented developers early in their careers. With the likely capital from their ICO I am sure they will staff their bench. Overall, Lightstreams does a nice job of laying where they differentiate against their peers (Filecoin, Swarm). Knowing where you stand on the battlefield will help see where you can take on your rivals. With the experienced and well advised teams behind Filecoin and Swarm, I see Lightstreams competing against well funded peers in the distributed storage and blockchain space. For investors who do not have access to Filecoin and Swarm, Lightstreams might be a nice hedge alongside Siacoin. Disclaimer: I do not own any Siacoin, Lightstreams, Filecoin, or Swarm. These opinions are my own. If you want to earn Aelf (ELF) tokens for just using Twitter and Reddit, sign up for their candy / bounty program. If you learned something: Other posts: Like Loading… The protocol is designed to be an open ecosystem that is version compatible with the main Ethereum protocol such that existing developer tools and libraries can be using with Lightstreams. DApps are a new breed of application that run on a peer-to-peer network in contrast to traditional applications that run on centralised servers. DApps promise to revolutionise almost every industry by removing the reliance on intermediaries to manage interactions between users in a system. In turn, this disruptive technology will unbundle many markets and open the way for new business models that are more efficient, have lower costs and can democratise access to all. Lightstreams key differential is it solves the problem of blockchain data storage when sharing content between users. Data storage size, speed and privacy are key elements for any DApp to be viable. Current blockchains can only store a limited amount of data and high fees are charged for this service. Lightstreams allows for uncapped data storage with no associated blockchain transaction fees. Current blockchains also have slow transaction speeds which can make the user experience of DApps seem unresponsive in comparison to traditional applications. Lightstreams solves both transaction speeds and data transmission by utilising a fast consensus mechanism and a peer-to-peer file sharing respectively. Finally, current blockchains have next to no privacy.

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  • There is no detailed analysis of the market
  • Complete lack of marketing strategy
  • Small team.

Lightstreams solves this by designing an award-winning file sharing protocol call Permissioned Blocks that bring both privacy and confidentiality to sharing content.

BlockChain StrategistRated on May 28, 2018 19%weight It’s a very interesting project, and Blockchain transaction speed or throughput performance is always a matter of concern. Got a good team to back it off. All the very best to the team 1 person agree ICO Analyst|Content Writer|Trader| CFA Charterholder|ConsultantRated on May 8, 2018 15%weight This project looks great. Can definitely solve a lot of the current blockchain issues. Team is strong and definitely one worth following. Progress is great, tokenomics and whitepaper are solid. 10%weight Lightstreams is a blockchain for Dapp speed and privacy. They’re aiming to solve the problems of data storage and management by using a permissioned decentralized storage system. The team is strong with a good and adequate background in the blockchain ecospace. Also the team of advisors is strong, with experience in some major companies. They have a prototype and a running testnet, which can be found on their site. The demo lets you publish content. As per their roadmap they are looking to looking to launch the network infrastructure in Q3 2018 and to be self-governing in Q4 2018. Founder,CEO at PrimeTradeAI uses AI Blockchain Trading ICO | Crypto 8 yearRated on Jun 6, 2018Modified on Jun 6, 2018 6%weight Essentially its a marketplace for digital content and DApps. Highly anticipated ICO according to speculation report. High chances of success. ICO Adviser, Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur in Blockchain and Online ProjectsRated on May 6, 2018 2%weight This rating’s weight is reduced by 50% as there is no review added. 48%weight Experts are independently and voluntarily contributing to the community. If no expert has rated the ICO, only ICO analyzer’s results are used. Always research before investing as these ratings should not be taken as an investing guide of any kind.Ratings and ICO analyzer results are being updated (re-calculated) every few hours. Parkres provides a state of the art sensory network to track and manage parking spots across a city and parking lots. n/a/5.0 One of The world’s leading ICO rating agency, specializing in project analysis for startups staging their ICOs and assigning them an investment attractiveness rating. More than 10 professional financial analysts working in the crypto market assess projects and assign them reasonable ratings of investment attractiveness, well founded by the facts and data. ICO Scroll reports facilitate investment decisions for more than 10,000 private investors and several dozen hedge funds worldwide. “Designed for Decentralised Applications that require SPEED and PRIVACY when sharing content.” Tokenised Markets Create your own DApps for selling digital content. Content Sharing Build social media DApps where users keep their own data. By The People Decentralised governance to ensure an open, fair and stable network. What is Lightstreams? Lightstreams solves the problem of data storage when sharing content on blockchain networks. Our technology focuses on the requirements of privacy, confidentiality and scalability for Decentralised Applications (DApps) that interact in direct, peer-to-peer channels. Lightstreams is built using a modified version of the Ethereum blockchain and retains compatibility with the existing ecosystem of Ethereum developer tools and libraries. What is the Lightstreams use case? Lightstreams is a blockchain network that will enable many new decentralised use cases. With a peer-to-peer storage that supports privacy between participants will open up the possibility for more complex Decentralised Apps (DApps) than currently achievable. What is a DApp? A Decentralised Application (DApp) is an application that runs on a peer-to-peer network.

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This is in contrast to traditional applications that run on centralised servers.

DApps break the traditional model of centralised servers that can act as intermediaries to control data flow between users of a system. This increases the efficiencies, lowers costs and democratises access. What will be the governance model? Using a system of staking tokens, network participants will be able submit proposals to amend the network protocol. Proposals will be voted upon and successful approvals will be implemented through coordinated software upgrades by special network nodes called Authority Nodes. Can you explain your token? The Lightstreams network consists of an independent Ethereum-compatible blockchain. Instead of Ether as the native currency, Lightstreams will operate via its own native token that has a unit value called a Photon (PHT). Applications built on top of the Lightstreams network may wish to integrate their own token using an ERC20 contract or similar. The utility of the PHT token will be: - To pay for transaction fees. - For purchasing digital content. - To participate in governance of the network. How are you planning to scale in order to support demand on a global scale? The Lightstreams protocol for blockchain transactions is designed using a highly scalable Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm. This gives an order of magnitude increase in throughput over using the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm currently used in the Ethereum network. The Lightstreams protocol for peer-to-peer sharing of content dynamically scales to match the load as demand increases. You’ll be kept up-to-date with our progress regarding ICO’s site updates and lots of other goodies. (we promise we won’t send out spam or share your e-mail address with anyone else) Lightstreams tries to address content sharing problem on blockchain networks. Storing data on BC is expensive, slow and all data is public to everyone therefore Lightstreams focuses on the privacy, confidentiality and scalability for DApps. To address the scalability issue – The Lightstreams protocol is using Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm which we will touch on in a moment. To manage access to protected content – Lightstreams developed authorization protocol called Permissioned blocks which will allow for File permissions and file access control. Lighstreams network will at first focus on content publishing like music, video etc. but the number of potential use cases is quite broad. Roadmap is short and to the point. In Q3 we can expect launch of the network infrastructure and in Q4 the network will have self-governance, meaning that the token holders will decide on policies. Even though CEO is very good, the rest of the team is average in our opinion. This wouldn’t be a big problem, but there is only one blockchain developer and one frontend engineer. 5 advisors are listed on the webpage and 3 of them has Lighstreams on their Linkedin profiles. Their profiles are quite impressive in our opinion and their combined skills are well suited for this project. We have individuals with strong start-up background, serial Founders of projects, serial CEOs, experienced blockchain and ICO advisors. John has multiple years of experience in Trivago, Dimitri is a head of research and co-founder of Ocean Protocol. The only disclosed partner so far is CoinLab, but project has successfully raised 300K in seed round from strategic partners. Lightstreams compares themselves to Ethereum, IOTA and Eos. Just don’t do that, they are solving a different problem. Then we have Filecoin, swarm and in our opinion projects like Phantasma or NuCypher do overlap in certain aspects as well. Photon will serve 3 main roles in the network: To pay for transaction fees or digital content and to participate in governance of the network.

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Hard cap of 20 million, 55 % out of 300 million PHT tokens will be sold to the public.

At this point there is no whitelist information available. #2 Team has not decided yet if they are going to use their own native token or ERC-20 token for the sale. Their mainnet is to be released in Q4 – so if they decide to use their own native token it might take some time before you receive your tokens. Exact reward system was not published at the time of making this video. Lightstreams havent announced any specifics yet on who initially will run these POA nodes, or the licensing required to become a validator.